Easing Dentist Anxiety

Relax! It’s Just a Dentist Office

At Sorgen Dentistry, we realize not everyone is a fan of going to the dentist. Dentist anxiety is a real thing that affects too many people. While it’s understandable the concerns you may have, as your OKC dentist and cosmetic dentist, we hope to ease some of the stress you’re feeling so you can have a positive experience while you’re here.

How to Combat the Stress

Before heading to your Oklahoma City dentist appointment, arm yourself with tools that will help you combat the stress. First, schedule your visit for a time that you can relax. Do you feel rushed in the morning? That may not be the best time for your appointment. If your afternoons are pretty relaxed, that could be a better time. Before your visit, avoid eating or drinking sugary foods and caffeinated beverages that could make you agitated. Focus more on a high-protein diet which will have a calming effect on your body. Once you’re at the office, try the following:

  • Express Your Concerns – One of the best ways to alleviate dentist anxiety is to express your concerns with the dental staff, including the dentist. In some cases, they can debunk the myths you’re telling yourself so you can relax.
  • Breathe Slowly – You don’t want to hyperventilate or hold your breath, though that might be your natural reaction. During your visit, focus on slow, regular breathing and meditation.
  • Communicate With Signs – Whether you actually know sign language or can come up with some signals on your own, let our Oklahoma City cosmetic dentist know what your signs are. When you have tools in your mouth and you just need a minute or are feeling pain, you can easily communicate that to the dentist.
  • Listen to Music – If there’s a certain type of music or a playlist that helps you remain calm, stick some ear buds in and listen during your appointment.
  • Ask for Nitrous Oxide – Speak with your dentist about Nitrous Oxide and how it may benefit you during your visit. This gas is not made to knock you out. Instead, it offers a steady comfort that keeps you calm during your dental procedure.

Schedule an Appointment Today With Your OKC Dentist!

Whether you’ve dealt with dentist anxiety in the past or are just starting to realize how nervous you are, proper dental care is still important to your overall health. Let Sorgen Dentistry provide you with premier preventative dentistry & cosmetic dentistry without anxiety. Contact us at 405-946-5198 to schedule your appointment today!


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