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At Sorgen Dentistry, our mission is simple: help each one of our patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile through world-class dental treatment. We strive to go beyond traditional dentistry techniques, creating dental repairs that don’t just look good but are completely undetectable. We offer a wide range of general and cosmetic dental treatments for patients throughout the Greater Oklahoma City Area. If you have a serious cavity or other tooth damage, we can repair the tooth with a natural-looking dental crown.

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What Are Dental Crowns?

The first line of defense against a cavity is a tooth-colored filling but, sometimes, that’s not an option. If a cavity progresses to the point where it encompasses most of the chewing surface of a tooth, or if there’s additional trauma to the tooth, it may be impossible to repair the tooth with a filling. In these cases, we can use a porcelain crown to completely repair the tooth.

A dental crown is essentially a porcelain “shell” that fits over the entirety of the tooth. The crown is custom-shaped and color-matched to perfectly blend in with your natural teeth, providing a completely undetectable repair to your smile. Crowns offer a reliable, effective treatment for a wide range of dental problems; plus, they last 20 – 30 years with proper care, making them as close to permanent as dental treatment can get.

How Dental Crowns Are Placed

Placing a crown is a routine procedure that’s convenient for patients. The process is a three-step procedure requiring two dental visits.

How dental crowns are placed:

  • Step One: During your first visit, we’ll remove any decayed dental tissue, clean the tooth, and shape the tooth to prepare it for a crown. We’ll then take an impression (a physical mold) of the shaped tooth to use in creating your crown. Finally, we’ll place a temporary crown that will serve as a placeholder until we place your permanent crown.
  • Step Two: Using the impression we took, we’ll create your own custom-shaped crown in a dental lab. This process usually takes one to two weeks.
  • Step Three: Once your crown is ready, we’ll bring you back in for a second appointment. During this appointment, we’ll remove your temporary crown, make any final adjustments to the tooth, and, finally, place and adjust the permanent crown, fixing it with specialized dental cement. Once the cement dries, you’ll have a beautiful, natural-looking new crown!

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Dental crowns are a simple, convenient way to repair severe dental decay, and if you think you might benefit from a crown or want to learn more about our Oklahoma City dentistry crowns services, we’d love to talk with you. During your no-cost consultation, we’ll help you understand your current dental situation, explore the dental treatments available to you, and set you on the road to a gorgeous, healthy smile!

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